Mankind 2000 / Humanité 2000
Mankind 2000 / Humanité 2000

Associates of Mankind 2000 / Humanité 2000



Three categories of membership are listed in the Constitution of the Association :

Full Members (from October 1973)
Paul Beauvois Libris Bookshop, Brussels Belgium
Henri Bianchi Directeur, Centre de Recherche Science et Vie, Paris France
Elise Boulding University of Colorado USA
Donatella Colonna di Stigliano . Italy
Kenneth Croose Parry Businessman UK
Renée-Marie Croose Parry Hon. Secretary, Teilhard Centre for the Future of Man, London UK
John Dixon Director, Center for a Voluntary Society, Washington DC USA
Yehezkel Dror Professor of Policy Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Rachel Elbohim Dror Head, Division of Educational Planning and Administration,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ian Gordon-Brown Director, Industrial Participation Association
Director, Human Development Trust
Georges Guéron Directeur-Général,
Société Internationale des Conseillers de Synthèse, Paris
Jeanine Guéron Secretaire Générale, CTN, Paris France
Anthony Judge Assistant Secretary-General
Union of International Associations, Brussels
Robert Jungk Professor, Technical University of Berlin Austria
Willis Harman Director, Center for the Study of Social Policy
Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park
Kenneth Lee General Secretary, Friends Peace International Relations
Viced-Chairman, International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
Hope Lee   UK
Stanley Lesse Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Psychotherapy USA
Margaret Lesse   USA
Eleonora Barbieri Masini Human and Social Forecasting, IRADES, Roma Italy
John McHale Director, Center for Integrative Studies, SUNY Binghampton USA
Magda Codell McHale Artist USA
Hasan Ozbekhan Director, Management and Behvioral Science
University of Pennsylvania
Guy Streatfeild Editor, Futures Journal UK
James Wellesley-Wesley Executive Director, Mankind 2000 UK
Trinette Wellesley-Wesley    
Richard van Wyck Businessman Belgium

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