Mankind 2000 / Humanité 2000
Mankind 2000 / Humanité 2000

Contacting Mankind 2000 / Humanité 2000

Please note that although Mankind 2000 exists legally, it is no longer active.

If you are interested in any continuing work of the Union of International Associations, including the maintenance of the databases developed as a result of its collaboration with Mankind 2000 (through the Union of Intelligible Associations strategic initiative), contact the Union of International Associations directly via:

If you are interested in the further development of the work of the Union of Intelligible Associations, as framed by the emergent Union of Imaginable Associations initiative

Recent activity of relevance is featured on the site https// -- which indicates index and search facilities.

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More appropropriate and responsive contact facilities are envisaged for the near future.

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