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Yearbook of World Problems and  Human  Potential

Mankind 2000 collaborated from 1972 on a joint project with the Union of International Associations and other organizations in the production of the above 1200-page publication (titled as the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential in its subsequent hardcopy, CD-ROM and online editions). Through the framework provided by the periodic publication of this computer-assisted volume it is hoped to initiate a process of continuing dialogue with a wide range of interested groups, leading to improvement and clarification of the information and interrelationships recorded in the interlinked sections of the Yearbook, namely : world problems, international associations and agencies, human values, multilateral treaties, human development concepts, intellectual disciplines, occupations and jobs, multinational corporations, integrative and transdisciplinary concepts, international periodicals, etc.

Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential

The first edition, published in 1976, contained some 12,000 entries (including descriptions of 2,600 world problems) interlinked by a network of 58,000 cross-references. Various innovative approaches to presenting this information as "relationship maps" or interactive audiovisual displays are envisaged (including the publication of a "problem atlas").

The publication was designed as a companion volume to the Yearbook of International Organizations of the Union of International Associations with which it is integrated at the computer level.

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Subsequent editions of the Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential, within the framework of collaboration with the Union of Internations Associations took the form of an Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. As an experiment in knowledge management, this collaborative strategic initiative was itself subsequrently named as the Union of Intelligible Associations. The following editions within this initiative were:

With the advent of the world wide web, funding was provided on behalf of Mankind 2000 to enable the UIA to set up and participate in a cooperative providing internet services to international associations from 1995. This became the key for the very early development of the UIA's large website and the Encyclopedia databases it makes freely available thereon. This proven knowledge management capacity enabled the UIA to successfully head a consortium that obtained funding from the European Union for what amounted to a fifth web-based edition of the Encyclopedia -- a project started in 1997 and completed in 2000 on the initiative of Nadia McLaren. This achievement further enabled the UIA to successfully lead another consortium proposal that was accepted for World Bank funding (although the funds unfortunately had to be reallocated to the crisis in Yugoslavia).

International Foundation for Social Innovation

Mankind 2000 collaborated with the Centre d'étude des Conséquences générales des grandes Techniques Nouvelles (C.T.N., Paris) to establish the above Foundation (titled in French: Fondation Internationale de l'Innovation Sociale) as a means of stimulating and facilitating interest in innovative approaches to social problems.

Activities of the Foundation were envisaged as including an information clearing house and it will also function as the continuing committee for the planned World Forum for Social Innovation wherein innovative, experimental initiatives in the social field may be brought to the attention of a wider public.

Envisaged activities

Projects envisaged may be concerned with any of the following :

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