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A proposal in March 2007 by James Wellesley-Wesley, instigator of Mankind 2000


Demonstration over the Easter period, by mothers in particular and others in general, protesting the current wanton devaluation and destruction of all forms of Life, including that of the human species, and proposing the provision of genuine mediational services in all circumstances of conflict whatever the scale.


The wearing of black armbands in mourning; the observation of silence as the most telling communication of disaffection when focused; a sit-down rather than marching stance if congregated (when permitted by the authorities).


  1. The mother/child relationship being the most natural union of humanity throughout the world at large – trans-tribal, trans-national, trans-cultural, trans-faith – is central to the extension of the family embrace from the nuclear to the global community.
  2. The feminine principle, of which women are the personification, is the principle of relationship at the heart of any well-founded mediational service on behalf of Life – in contrast to suicidal bombing on behalf of death.
  3. Such spontaneous widespread protest would echo Christian celebrations marking the resurrection from death of their Exemplar of Life, Light and Love, and provide today’s politicians (increasingly women) with substantial evidence of societal angst to which to refer and respond.
  4. The inclusion of young children would also serve to diminish the danger of manhandling by those serving the will of the powers-that-be, and demonstrate where the strength resides in reality when actively and cooperatively engaged.

Comments by the author on feedback to the proposal

"Why would I NOT choose to wear a black armband this Easter" + "I would not want to offend believing Christians"... This reminds me of how difficult it is to write anything that will unerringly convey what one has in mind to another mind. In my experience there is just no knowing what will register with the other and what such other will make of what they take! Even mathematics as a supposedly precise language doesn't add up, as I can prove on another occasion!

The words I chose to employ in the proposal were designed to convey that the style of mourning I am suggesting, as a simple and inexpensive means of protest against the current destruction of all forms of Life in the world, was complementary to the Christian celebration at Eastertime of the resurrection from death of their Exemplar of Life - the present state of widespread extermination of all forms of Life being despite of, not because of, their Faith as originally expressed. Certainly, it is also a challenge to those who purport to follow today's monotheistic religions to ground the values advocated by their Faiths and live them out in everyday life on whatever the scale of their involvement. And let those followers of other beliefs and religions throughout the world translate it into their own terms.

This said, I also fully share the recent statement of the current Archbish of Canterbury that it is time for all good Christians "to strip away the accumulated lumber of 2,000 years of uneven Christian witness and try to let the event be present once again in its first immediacy" - which is surely the great challenge to all today of whatever belief or faith.

Or, it could be that the colour black is associated in people's minds with Satanism. Or, it could be that there are those who do not agree that the colour black is associated with Carl Jung's source of the 'creative unconscious', or with the French artist Odilon Redon who regarded the colour black as the source of all colours (and health) and only painted in black and white until the very end of his life - when he suddenly burst into colour! Or, I am afraid of making an exhibition of myself, of being different, of being questioned as to what I am doing, and being unable adequately to express myself.

Whatever else, however, as I see it this is a means of counteracting the state of hopeless inertia that is expressed by the exclamation "what can I possibly do or say that will in any way effect the overall course of events today?".

It should be noted that I also very deliberately included, beyond the mourning and protest factor, the issue of true mediation as a specifically 'feminine' service, that necessitates willingness to maintain and suffer the tension of relationship at the centre of all possible opposites on behalf of Life - this being absolutely central to the Christian witness as symbolised by the Cross. Incidentally it is also central to the 3-spiral system I employed as the logo for Humanity 2000.

So, as I already reported to you, I have very positive responses from those individuals known to me who I posted, but no response worth mentioning from the traditional organisations that might be expected show some interest. But then I have no personal introduction to them, so am on the same basis as any other person seeking to become involved beyond their local scene and circumstances.

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